Monday, October 31, 2011

Twilght Zone!

Eye just went to class, just to find it completely empty.  Eye checked in the next-door class, just in case eye'm braindead from randomly awakening at 5am.  Nope!

Maybe there was a missed announcement that our groups were meeting at the library?

Apparently, the professor's dog has surgery this morning. 

At least this gives me extra time to study for this afternoon's test!  What a blessing!  Eye lazily spent the entire weekend watching movies, figuring "hell, the two hours between the second and third class will be enough."  Possible, but unlikely. 

Eye'm terrified of Wednesday's test.  In that class, eye got a 67% on the first test, paying attention to the wrong material in the chapters, and having missed the first 2 weeks of classes, unaware that enrolling and financial aid had actually gone through, because as of the morning on the Friday before classes began, eye was notified that neither had worked out for me.  In tests in other classes, eye'm ranging from doing well to fair, getting anywhere between As down to Cs, but eye MUST get As on everything else.  Eye'm a little concerned in Spanish, because now we're into "stem-changing verbs."  The changes aren't hard to memorize, but WHICH verbs change, and what they mean is quite harder.

Eye was so disappointed about being able to find any Palmer's chocolate Eyeball candies.  They're m'eye absolute favorite.  Eye also decided to be lazy instead of getting a pumpkin to carve, or making an Eye costume, but Halloween is going to be spent completely at school, anyway.


  1. I called in sick yesterday and celebrated Halloween but I really can't remember too much about it until after 8:00pm or so. No trick or treat folks out where I live either (too far away from the beaten track). When I was a kid I would always go visit my cousin who lived in the city and we would have a grand time getting/eating all that candy. Of course he is a State Marshall now so we are not too close anymore. heh.

  2. There are hardly any kids in the neighborhood, and there are NO street lamps on the street, so - not much traffic since the move up here!

    Ended up finishing test early, getting home prior to 6, and boy was eye pouty bc of newly-implemented ("between 7&8pm rule")

    But we ordered pizza, and they got it right! A semi-complex order of half meats, half multi-veggies and pineapple (obviously me, what guys don't eat meat?) AND! They managed not to "spill" any of the toppings onto the opposite side, like so many places tend to do.

    Possible lead on eye candies, need to check today or tomorrow (prob tomorrow) and hope that the discount hasn't made them disappear, if there were ever any to begin with in this city, anyway.