Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Over the weekend, discovered through the internet that eye'm not the only person who talks in EYES.  These are people eye've never met, so it made me pretty excited.

The test was easy, which is either a good or bad sign.  Next will be time to look up articles for classes.

Yesterday, a man on the bus decided to tell me all about the way he looks down upon the "Occupy (City)" movement.  The reason strangers love to pick ME to talk to about their views & problems is beyond me.  Maybe eye look like eye "care."

Last night, due to leaving the library at a late hour, and a bus just passing right by, not even SEEING me, EYE (emphasized just to be irritating to anyone who thinks such) paid a man $20 to drive me home.  Before the bus passed me, an ambulance, blaring its siren, passed by.  The sound was offensive at such a disgusting "hour of the day," when stomachs begin to sour, brains start to fizzle, and senses (slightly) begin to assault.  (Colors off/more intense in an unpleasant way, loud sounds are startling, and temperature sensitivity.)

Angel... (*rolls Eyes*) decided to be irritating and irritable last night, which was not at all helpful for studying purposes.  Attempted sleep about 5 1/2 hours before it was time to get up.  He then decided to pull me out of bed to help him fix (apparently for the 5th or so time yesterday) the swamp cooler, about an hour later. This morning, when eye woke him up, he said he wanted to start charging me a bag for every four injections he does for me.  This would result in me not having the ability to do extra, at all. Yes, it is annoying to be woken up.  However, he is on three opiates, two benzodiazipines, and a muscle relaxer.  Eye am on one opiate, pretty much used as "maintenance."  Naturally, he rarely has a hard time getting back to sleep.  Me?  hard to get to sleep, hard to stay asleep, hard to get back to sleep.  And it's not like he "does" much of anything.  If somehow it was legal for me to go to his doctor appointments for him, he'd probably want me to do that, too.  Perhaps eye should come up with a certain amount to charge him for every little task he has me perform.

This weekend was sort of entertaining.  To make a long story of thoughts about each little thing condensed a bit...
1.  Go to bar, drink.
2.  Bartender gives me a free drink at the end of her shift.
3.  Angel attempts to pick her up, coaxes me to consider going home with a girl.  (eye've only kissed girls before.)
4.  She says she's interested but is with friends, would want to mostly be involved with me.
5.  He tells me what she said, eye think it's a "nice" way to blow someone off, he said he "picked up on" that she was into it, but scared.  (Who's right?  Who knows?  He's had lots of sexual experience, but isn't a girl who's had to reject men.)
6.  He gives up, wants to go to other bar.  Funny the way that the one time eye would have actually DONE this, that the situation happened the way that it did.  He wants to stop at home to get money.  Now, this wouldn't be HIS money since he'd spent it all, & previously had told him that eye don't want to go out because eye can't afford to.  To which said he'd pay.
7.  He waits for me on corner.  Eye pretend to pass out in bathroom when his drunken impatience drove him home.  Tell him eye'm "too wobbly" to go back out.  (lie)
8.  He asks for the phone book to call "adult entertainment services."  Insists on getting me laid by a girl.  Eye say eye won't pay.  He says he'll pay me back.  It soon just becomes a series of him prank-calling - talking explicitly about sex, when prostitution isn't legal in this county.  He discovers that most of the phone numbers go to just one place (which eye was going to work for at one time - answering the phone), he's told the girls are only allowed to dance, he's told they don't do couples, he's told our neighborhood is "too bad" to come to, he's told to stop calling or they'd call the cops on him.  (By the way, the range for a "stripper" to come over is $300-500.)
9.  The next day - a girl from one of those places calls him back.  He says he isn't interested anymore.


  1. I used to know an online cat who talked in purrs and miaows!