Thursday, October 13, 2011


Coffee... so.... tempting.  Line - SO LONG.  Eye keep looking through the window of the library over to the attached Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  Eye so badly want to go in there.  Eye shouldn't. 

Eye SHOULD be diligently searching for the required articles for two classes - one on PTSD & the military for a group project, one for an article review in another class.  The group for the group project is meeting Saturday.  They'll expect me to have found information by then.  We have to show the professor which article we're doing on Wednesday.  Spanish class has a test Tuesday. So, it would be good to start now, instead of putting it off...

Eye told Aunt Patty that eye am doing an appeal for state-assistance for rent.  Eye told her that eye was participating in a research project for money to keep the phone on.  And she bought me a phone card!  Ugh - that's just MORE money eye'm going to owe her.  And eye wonder how long eye can hold her off on the whole "not having student loans yet" lie.  She expects it to be deposited in her account.  Eye took her off direct deposit and had it sent to me as a check a month ago, because she wanted to control it all.  And it's not like eye have time to be a full-time student and what was turning into 4-6 hour sessions of begging, just to end up with $10-20!  And it's not like eye can say, "By the way, eye need $600 per month," nor do eye have enough creative excuses in me to end up getting that much every month, little bits at a time, quite frequently.

M'eye eye itches.  Indulgence, impatience.  Part of me just wants to go home.

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