Saturday, October 22, 2011

You Said It!

Perhaps out of laziness, this post isn't of m'eye own creation.  Instead, eye will mooch off things other people have said.  Here are some of m'eye favorite things that other people have blogged about heroin (Gledwood's isn't an exact quote):

Heroin addiction is like living with an extra bodily function.  Imagine waking up, your bladder bursting with urine, but you have to pay at least 10 and wait an hour for the privilege. - Gledwood

"Heroin addiction is not about lack of willpower or strength – it is a matter of science. If you put this drug in your system frequently enough your body needs it. The strongest willed person in the world will be an addict if he/she uses for a month without stopping." - Shane

"You won't be getting any of that 'I've been through hell and come out the other side a better person' garbage from this bitch.  I'm not a better person.  You wanna know what makes me a better person?  Being higher than shit.  When I'm loaded I'm the second fucking coming.  I'll feed the hungry and heal the sick with one flick of my track-marked hand and though I may be nodded out by the time they turn to praise me, praise me they will."  - Melody

...And lastly, here is an article about five phrases that Americans find normal that the British consider rude:

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