Monday, April 1, 2013

Green Door

As eye wait for things to materialize, and am unable to make any moves because of it (which is a bunch of balls, and not in any good type of way), eye figured that eye'd give a very small update, regarding last night's little adventure.
Eye was picked up around 1:30am and taken to The Green Door, one of Las Vegas' sex clubs. Eye went inside and wandered around, checking out the various rooms and areas. There is a hallway of various booths with beaded curtains. Inside one, there was a young couple being watched by an old man in a chair. There are rooms with different large pads, some with curtains, some not. there are chairs, doctor's types of chairs with stirrups, sex swings, and so on. There are couches, there's a bar, there is a unisex bathroom with showers, there's a hot tub. There's a room with a kind of "stage" with two levels, with basically beds that are made out of vinyl, with number of couches set up to watch from. Behind the couches, there's a wall with a screen where guys can watch. There are various areas which you cannot enter unless you are a female or a couple.

We went upstairs, where we saw a girl being played with by two guys. My date suggested that eye go touch the girl. Eye asked if eye could touch her, and she said, "Well, I'm not here NOT to get laid!" Apparently, she is a porn actress, with "papers in my locker." Eye fingered her and played with her clit, a she sucked one guy's cock and the other guy played with her nipples. She complimented me on having "magic fingers." After that, eye played with one of the guys, and she played with my nipples. Eye then sucked and tongued her nipples while she got fucked and gave head. My date watched. Sometime during this process, eye stripped down to lingerie.

After that, we went to get drinks and looked around some more. Most of the time that we were there, he held my hand when we wandered around. One time when he didn't, eye was approached by a guy who wanted to go with me into one of the couples only areas. Eye told him, "No thanks, Not right now." We watched couples. Eye gave him head a couple of times. As we observed one couple, he asked me if eye wanted to touch the girl. Eye went up and asked. She turned her head, "Oh? With ME? No thanks." Another girl eye asked said, "No, we're just here for ourselves tonight." After a couple of hours, he decided that he was tired and wanted to go home.  
Afterward, eye slept for a long time, as this has been a long week with not very much sleep, as eye have been occupied trying to make money for bills and for BOTH of our habits (as the dumbass has run out of pills as of a week ago.)  Eye woke up and ate, watched a movie, and eventually, m'eye EYE caught the green wristband from last night.  Eye told Angel about it, he was pretty amused.
It's the end of Spring Break.  Tonight is frustrating.  Eye'm going to have to find a normal job soon, rather than trying to get by with odd jobs.  Once again, student loan money ran out earlier than usual.  All due to a little bitch named Maureen (and the resulting bad decisions.)