Monday, March 19, 2012

Home Is Where Your Eyes Are!

Ok, so a couple of days turned into nearly a couple of weeks.  Go figure.

The other night, eye had a dream involving baby ducks.  They were black ducks with a shiny green ring of feathers around their necks.  Eye saw two on a cooking pan, one close to me, one further away.  They had not yet been de-feathered.  Eye then saw hands placing a new baby duck on the pan next to the one that was farther away from me.  Eye heard a sizzling sound, and then eye saw it curl its head down.  Eye looked closer, and it appeared that the baby duck was still alive.  So, this asshole was putting live ducks on a searing hot pan, and they were suffering!  The baby duck closest to me was dead, and the second duck looked like it was near death.  Eye was horrified.  Other dreams that night included drug nightmares and police harassment.  It's been quite a while since eye've had any nightmares regarding drugs.

There was about a week and a half or so eye was overindulgent regarding heroin, doing about twice what eye should be doing, and at the same time, Angel was borrowing from me since he was low on pills.  Eye really wish he'd regulate his medication a lot better than he does.  He definitely borrows at a rate much higher than he can afford to pay back, but it's not like eye haven't run up tabs with him before in times that eye don't have money.  However, he uses at least twice the amount eye do in a day.  So now, eye get to over-correct for what's happened, and then find ways to make money to cover me until the end of the semester, having to come up with more by an earlier date than planned.  Eye have options, eye just need to act on them.

Today eye checked on grades.  Eye was pleasantly surprised in the way that eye assumed eye was doing terribly, and eye'm not.  There have been mistakes made in the way of sleeping through a couple of classes, and not focusing on homework and reading textbooks as much as eye should be, times that eye've treated school as if it were just work - something you go to, then just come home, not working on anything else.  However, the times eye've done this have not screwed me over, and eye have already started correcting it and have gone back to treating it more responsibly. 

Veins have been doing this strange thing lately, in the way of injection that don't kick in, like there's something blocking them or something.  It takes a while, but eventually illness dissipates and pupils constrict, but all the while "feeling" nothing.  The silly theory eye came up with is that the high is going to someone else.  Years ago, in times when eye was not using drugs, and usually while driving, eye would get this sudden Whoosh of being "fucked up."  So in conclusion, eye decided that back then, eye was catching someone else's buzz, and now eye'm returning the favor to some other people.  And they probably think that they're getting "high on life." 

Our house, not having a central heating and cooling system, had decided to trap a bunch of hot air inside because it was getting warmer for a while.  However, it was hotter inside than outside.  Luckily, a storm came in this weekend, so eye opened up the house.  it took a couple of days of wind for hell to be blown out of the house.  As much as cold has its inconveniences, such as having to leave the blankets to go to the kitchen or bathroom, it's much more uncomfortable walking around in an oh-so-sexy tied up shirt, and even then still being hot.  For some reason, eye can acclimate to outdoor heat a lot better than eye can with indoor heat.

Luabelle is as cute and obnoxious as ever.  She insists on finding a spot to lay on me, no matter how difficult a position eye choose in order to encourage her not to at times.  These spots include chest and shoulder, and she really likes using claws.  However, she's been enjoying spending time with me under the blanket quite frequently, which is adorable.  She rarely used to, while Baby did almost any chance she got to.  Eye'm glad that she's always been healthy, so should keep me company for many years to come.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The other day eye saw a car for iZigg & it made me happy.  "Go to where the Eyes are!" 

A post of more substance to follow within the next couple of days.