Wednesday, February 1, 2012

- from Repo Men, 2010. Song - Moloko - Sing It Back

Gotta love it... Over break, eye was the recipient of a LOVELY abscess on m'eye thigh. It started out as pain, then to hardness, then to discoloration (pink, purple, yellow, green) over about 1/3 the front of m'eye thigh. Then the discoloration faded away and it just turned into a big, regular abscess. It actually came up quite quickly, up to the point where the layer of skin covering it was very thin. It was obnoxious throughout the whole process, from before eye was sure what it would become, through the stage of it "becoming," as an abscess, cutting it open, packing and cleaning it every day, all the way up to stitching - every day walking, getting up, being in certain positions - all painful. Angel had to cut a three-inch long opening. It ended up being an inch deep (he didn't cut THAT far down, eye think half an inch or so, but the infection itself made it that deep) and half an inch wide. Night after night, squeezing m'eye nails into the side of m'eye thigh as a distraction, harder depending on what he was doing - packing in gauze is the worst, by the way. After the infection was cleared out, which took about a week or so, he stitched me up. These are the first stitches eye've ever had. Eye watched this scene of Repo Men on the last night of cleaning and then stitching, eye wish eye'd thought of it earlier. And it would be lovely to have some kind of material that automatically seals wounds, like they have in this scene.

The same night he started the thigh abscess process, he said he wanted to "just check" the one on m'eye hand, to see how far down it went, he was going to make "just a tiny cut." Trickery! He made the cut, then said, "Oh, it's farther down than eye thought." Cut more, then started squeezing. Squeezing an abscess on a bony area feels completely different than a fatty area. Then he cleaned it up and bandaged it. We haven't done anything else with it, but it appears to need one more cut and squeeze session. There was a tiny one on m'eye arm that had opened on its own and occasionally leaked out in two spots, and he squeezed out that one, too. One of m'eye friends decided to start calling me Spongebob because of all of the holes in me.

This morning while running across the street to catch the bus, eye slipped and fell on the ground. M'eye water and juice bottle spilled out of their side pockets of m'eye backpack and rolled away. There was a car in a different lane, and they stopped for me, even though eye wasn't in front of them. Eye'm lucky that the road was pretty clear of cars, but it was terrifying, imagining some car not seeing me and just running over me. Eye have a scraped knee, elbows, and palms, but the stitches are intact.

Eye'm liking school, eye seem to have remembered more of Spanish from last semester than eye would have expected. Our last in-class assignment that involved formulating and answering questions in Spanish, involving the material we had just learned, plus how to formulate sentences and vocabulary from last semester - we had to do it with a partner, then the professor went around the class asking us each for an example. We both thought that we didn't do well, but we did it just as we were supposed to do. We have an upcoming Anthropology assignment that amuses me - we have to ride a hotel elevator for about half an hour and observe "the customs of riding an elevator in Vegas."

Well, eye have about half an hour before eye have to head toward class, so eye'm going to attempt to catch up on blogs.

*P.S. - Sorry if comments aren't showing up... something's up with this site on this computer.