Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Last Year, Version 2.0. A little bit better and a fuckload worse

Fucking prick, fucking cunt.  That's what eye have to say for now.  Sick of taking other people into consideration who shouldn't even fucking BE here in the first place.  That's the last time eye save, or split my last of something with someone who is well aware of my situation and wouldn't and does not do the same for me.  They were both well aware of what situation eye was in tonight.  Assholes.  Eye hope they kill each other.  Thinks it's punishment to get rid of me but really it's the best thing, what will actually happen is she'll skip out when she gets tired of it, or finds something better, or makes up her mind, or what the fuck ever. Leaving him to suffer alone.  Deserves every fucking second, and also deserves every minute of this girl's back & forth.  Eye certainly don't like miscommunication (repeated) and saying different things to different people, don't like that she's fucked up my stability, but the rest of it?  You fucking go girl.  (But go do what? Haha eye *wish*.)  Whatever.