Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Hole That We Call Our Home

Wec, Angel had picked up another chick. He was in love. She was faking a relationship to get by, something that she has a history of doing. Eye paid him back, paid all the extra bullshit he came up with too. So he started borrowing from me to support both of their habits. Hers surpassed his. The house of cards tumbled. Borrowing against rent and bills, he could not keep it up forever. We got evicted. She took off. Eye found a place to go. (Which is in the hood instead of my beloved barrios of nine years.) He tried detox and lasted two days.  Then tried methadone. Then ended up in the hospital for weeks- pneumonia and a blood clot between his heart and brain. He found somewhere else to go and still wants that girl back.

Eye've adjusted to somewhere else. Enjoyed living alone. Haven't been sick any more than before, maybe even less. But now have a new guy... Eye've known him about a year and a half and loved ot when he came around. It wasn't planned or anything. He found himself between places and was going to give me some money to stay for about a week. He went to LA yo take care if an old warrant and got stuck all week. Eye thought about him and wished things were different. He returned and admitted feelings for me. So we're gonna see what happens. It's been great. No demands about changing anything on either side. He's funny and sweet and it's wonderful to live with someone nice for a change! Eye adore him and am so happy. He's a tweeker. (But we get along great.) Can take care of his own shit and if not then well, he just sleeps ha. So no drug fights or whatever, freaking out, getting mean, manipulation... He's really sweet to me and Eye'm loving it.

Met a new junkie chick so she's coming by for shit... Already has asked me to spot her. Ugh. Didn't and couldn't anyway. Today found out she's smoking it and has only been on it for a couple months. So there goes any potential pity ha ha.

That's about it. Other than finally switching to smartphone for internet purposes. Got it for free but still took over a weelbto finally do it.

Hope things turn out well. Will try to get stable. If not, gonna save up to move to San Diego.