Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Everyday Hassle of Tying Your Shoes

Contrary to many people's impression of certain lifestyles, eye do not spend loads of time asleep.  Sometimes it's quite the opposite, while not being caused by "subtraction."  Nightly sleep varies wildly, "catch up" nights on the weekends offer anywhere between an insulting 6 and a cute 11 hours, 11 being quite rare.  Eye wake up during the night an average of about four times.  The night before last included about five hours.  Last night, eye slept maybe an hour.  Still awake around 4:30, decided to get completely ready for the "next day," except for clothes, hair, and makeup.  It was a struggle waking up this morning, and was out the door in 6 minutes after waking.  Eye was one minute late for the usual bus, and barely to school in time for class.  On days like these, eye often plan a 15 minute to two hour nap (just depends on when eye wake from it), but frequently am not tired upon returning home.  But, even a 15 minute nap leads straight to dreams.  This seems to demonstrate that eye spend nights in lots of Stage 1-2 sleep, so REM's at the ready for naptime!

In Spanish, we're blessedly not having a quiz on this chapter, meaning this week does not have three tests, after all!  Today, eye get to print diagrams, look over notes, and review chapter upon chapter about all of the sensory systems, sleep, and emotion for a test tomorrow in what is by far the hardest class eye've ever taken.

Eye WISH the only obligation today would be studying.  It's what is needed.  However, today's Grocery Day!  Eye despise grocery shopping without a car.  It's a long haul of a wheeled suitcase, a backpack, and arms loaded with cloth bags, across an enormous parking lot, to a far-away bus stop.  Next is lifting the horrendous weight of the almost-bursting suitcase, juggling to get the bus card to swipe, finding a seat, feeling like a horrible person for taking up more than one seat.  Then, off the bus, a 1/4 to 1/3 mile walk home, coaxing self regarding how much closer eye'm getting to home with every "landmark."  Near home, cloth bags have slipped from elbows to wrists, reposition them to open the gate, walk to door, and relieved (for a minute!) throw everything down on the doorstep.  Unlock and open the door, big sigh, pick everything up, set down in kitchen, and unpack.  The unpacking eye like.  The organization is comforting, and sometimes like a game of Tetris.

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