Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Technology Woes

Technology can be a blessing.  Eye've been online since eye was 12.  Eye can't imagine NEVER having it, although have had to go long times without.  When our microwave broke, it was two months before we got a new one.  Relying on the stove and oven, and the time it took, was obnoxious.

There are also games now, where "your body is the controller."  It's pretty cool, and it's not something eye ever would have even imagined when eye was younger.  As a little kid, eye imagined "the future" (which is now) as flying cars and robots.  Eye was amazed when eye heard they were starting to work on a way people could chat to each other, visually on a screen, like the Jetsons.  Now there's webcam and camera phones.  However, eye wonder if one day, if the earth ever becomes so populous there isn't really room for parks and the like - if exercise will be done via console, if all school will be online, if "sports" will be an interactive version of each individual's gaming console.

It's no secret that technology encourages laziness.   Kids are much more likely now to play online games than go play pretend outdoors.  And people wonder the reason it's so common for kids to be overweight, now.  At least there's that "game console" thing.

*Oh!  Here in Fabulous LV, we have lots of auto-flushing toilets.  And sometimes, you just MOVE a little and it flushes, and if you're crouched kinda low, well, there's some nice water on your behind.  Marvelous!

The invention that irritates me to no end is "auto-tune."  Already, much of popular music is programmed sounds and beats.  So, one need not necessarily play an instrument to be in music.  Now, an awful singer can sound pitch-perfect?  So, now you can be a talentless person with a pretty face and a good agent and become famous in music?  RIDICULOUS.   Having never actually experienced this contraption, maybe that's an exaggeration right now.  But if it is, that will not be the case for long.


  1. Kinect for the xbox360. You are the controller. No gadgets, no gizmos, just you! My nephew has it and it is pretty neat. It comes with like a game disk where you can do exercises to stay not so fat! heh It involves a motion detector, skeletal tracking, and facial/voice recognition. Pretty damn fancy for a 5 yr old. Damn fun watching him play Donkey Kong JR!

    We actually had folks stealing the self flushing valves out of toilets/urinals here in OKC- it even made it onto the 10:00pm news! Seems the valves have good resale value! Probably a junkie needing money for that afternoon shot.

  2. Yeah both my sons have the motion consoles. Stropster has the for the Playstation move for the PS3 and Geekster has the same as Noah's nephew for the xbox. But at least they are out of their gaming chairs and jumping round their bedrooms, sounding like they are about to come through the ceiling. Hamper G (4) wants her own laptop for Christmas. Not a baby version. She spends so much time "sharing" mine that she will probably get one. She has learnt to recognise all the letters by using one .There are some brillo educational games on here for spelling and maths.
    Flushing toilets (or non flushing toilets!) is the subject of my post tonight if I ever get round to it . . . And I daren't start on the lack of talent in some of today's supposed singers/musicians (?) Like 4 lads/girls to sing a song? non of them musicians? As you say . . as long as they look the part. It's so lame. I hope all is well with you and your studying :-). Take care.

  3. Yeah it's really cool and eye'd love one. In January, eye got to work at the CES convention in registration. That's the big convention for new technology. Unfortunately, they didn't let the employees check anything out, so not a clue what's coming out next.

  4. Oh it sounds so fun. Yeah, it's weird how now kids grow up on computers, and that may be one of the first things that they learn how to use. Eye had computer classes since elementary school. Dad had his own laptop when eye was little, but pretty much all you could do on it was write stuff on it. Younger sister has had a cell phone since junior high, which was actually a couple of years before eye got one. She's 5 years younger.